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"Afro-Cuban Drumset" Press Release



“Afro-Cuban Drumset: Grooves You Can Use” utilizes distinctive “Latin Feet/Jazz Feet” concept and extensive interactive practice tools for applying percussion parts to the drumset

Lakeridge Productions is pleased to announce the release of "Afro-Cuban Drumset: Grooves You Can Use” featuring Curt Moore. This feature-rich and highly interactive DVD presents concise and engaging instruction for playing traditional Afro-Cuban percussion parts on the drumset. The disc includes detailed lessons, extensive interactive practice tools and many bonus materials.

With over 100 recordings to his credit, Curt Moore has amassed an impressive resume that lists collaborations with many leading jazz, pop and world music artists, including Francisco Aguabella, Pete Escovedo, Andy Narell, and Steve Turre, and leads his own critically acclaimed Latin Jazz group "Soul Sauce". Moore is on the faculty at The Jazzschool in Berkeley, California, and is in demand nationally as a clinic instructor and festival adjudicator.

Moore hosts “Afro-Cuban Drumset” to conduct nearly 3 hours of instruction covering 99 grooves in Cha Cha, Mambo Son, Bolero, and Afro 6/8 song styles, After breaking down each groove, Moore demonstrates how it sounds in a band setting. The grooves are also presented using Moore’s unique "Latin Feet/Jazz Feet" concept showing two ways to play the groove as a step toward learning the traditional "tumbao" bass patterns.

Each song style is demonstrated with music by Curt's band "Soul Sauce”, providing valuable insight into how the grooves are used in the context of a performance. Moore comments on his technique along with advice for playing with other musicians on an alternate audio track.

Extensive practice tools incorporate interactive play-along tracks for each groove with options for choosing which instruments to practice along with. DVD-ROM features include printable PDF notation files of all the grooves, as well as looping audio files in Sony® Acid® and Apple® Garageband™ formats that facilitate tempo alterations without affecting the pitch of the instruments.

Other bonus features on "Afro-Cuban Drumset: Grooves You Can Use" include:

• A fully interactive drumset feature which include Moore’s comments regarding his drum, cymbal and percussion choices.

• The dos and don'ts of playing with congas and timbales.

• Basic clave concepts.

• Extensive menu access for jumping directly to the desired lesson or practice screen.

For over 10 years, Lakeridge Productions has been designing and producing interactive video presentations and event media for its corporate clients. Lakeridge is now using its expertise for creating highly engaging DVD training materials for musicians.

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