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Afro-Cuban Drumset: Grooves you can Use

What people are saying


"If ever there was a DVD that every set-drummer needed, Afro-Cuban Drumset is it. It's authentic and comprehensive, and will benefit both the student and the professional. Curt has done a great service for the Latin and jazz players."
Frank Dorritie
Grammy Award-winning producer for Cal Tjader, Tito Puente, and Art Blakey

"Curt Moore has produced an outstanding educational video for students interested in applying Afro-Cuban rhythms to the drum set. His approach is organized and very musical. Students will not only learn the basics, but can actually listen to how these rhythms sound when played by professional musicians."
Anthony Cirone
Author and Percussion Department Head, Indiana University

"Afro-Cuban Drumset: Grooves You Can Use by Curt Moore is an inspirational resource for drummers and educators. I have never seen a clearer approach to teaching any music subject, ever! In addition to video lessons on playing traditional percussion parts on the drumset, the DVD also gives you many extras. There are charts to each of the styles and their variations, and loop files for you to load in Acid or Garageband that let you play along with the rhythm section in real time and at any tempo. This DVD has all the bases covered and then some. Curt Moore's new interactive DVD is a must for every novice to intermediate drumset student. It belongs in every teacher's library as well."
James Campbell
Professor of Percussion, University of Kentucky / Past-president PAS

"Grooves you can use is a must-have DVD for beginners, educators, and professionals who are interested in learning how to play and teach Afro-Cuban music on the drumset. Curt’s Latin Feet/Jazz Feet concept is very helpful for drummers who are new to Afro–Cuban drumming. Another highlight is Curt’s great band Soul Sauce. The production values are top notch, as well as the playing. Curt’s commentary regarding what he’s thinking about in setting things up and changing textures provides great insight into this style of drumming. Curt also demonstrates what to play or not play when playing drum set with timbales and congas. This is very important in this style, I’m glad that he covers it in this DVD!"
Joe Caploe
Director of Percussion & Jazz Studies, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

"Curt Moore is one of those rare people who is a great player, and a great teacher. He's taken the time to get inside of these Afro-Cuban grooves, and then figured out how to pass along the info in a way that everyone can understand. Anyone who wants to get started learning Afro-Cuban grooves will benefit from this DVD. High school jazz band drummers in particular will find this useful; when a chart gets put in front of them that says ‘Latin’, they'll have more tools to decide what the appropriate groove is."
Glen Crosby
Percussion Educator, Los Angeles, CA


“The heart and soul of Afro-Cuban rhythm is the Clave. That's what I was told and taught; well, sort of taught. I was given the basics and told to get out there and make it swing. The soul of what you play will get you through. It was trial by error and error, and finally, because I had some sense of rhythm and great fear of not being scoped out as a dummy, I pulled it together. Curt Moore has come up with the perfect solution for the "Dummy" - Afro-Cuban Drumset: Grooves You Can Use. Believe it when I tell you: he explains it. Where were you when I needed you, Curt Moore? He not only explains, he shows you how to do it; and you can play along. Yes, the Clave is in place, and you discover why it is called the "root." Moore even sets up the drum kit for you, and gives detailed instruction in its use. Curt Moore explores the heart of Afro-Cuban. The soul, that other factor, you'll have to get on your own. The difference between you and thousands of drummers in the past is the head-start opportunity you have at your fingertips: Curt Moore's Afro-Cuban Drumset DVD. Now you can relax and play.”
Sonny Buxton
KCSM FM, Jazz91, San Mateo, CA


"Curt Moore's new DVD on Afro-Cuban rhythms for drumset is an outstanding addition to the growing library of instructional materials for this style of music. It fills an important niche for younger players both in terms of how the various styles are presented and the above average commentary Curt lends for virtually every clip of video. The tuning and setup tips are worth the price of the DVD alone. The production quality is fantastic and it also includes loops and pdf files of the grooves to completely max out the ways you can use a DVD as a learning tool. Bravo Curt!"

Murray Gusseck
Cofounder and Arranger for Tapspace Productions
Arranger, Composer, and Instructor for the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps.


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